Simple, sort of Provincial. I served it tonight, with sliced strawberries and cream for dessert.


  • 4-5 under-ripe apricots, sliced
  • six or seven fluffy leaves of chard, chopped
  • two tablespoons finely diced onion or shallots
  • three tablespoons butter (you could substitute canola oil, but butter tastes better)
  • a cup and a bit more full-bodied white wine, like chardonnay
  • four sausages of your choice

In a large pan, melt two tablespoons of the butter and add the onions. As they barely begin to turn golden at the edges, add the apricots and the sausages. Saute until the apricots begin to caramelize, and the sausages have pretty brown stripes on both sides. Add the wine, and cover with the chard, allowing it to steam. As soon as most of the wine is evaporated, ad the last tablespoon of butter and stir. Allow to cook down, turning frequently, until the wine is gone and the chard begins to caramelize at the edges. Serve with a light side, like risotto.