My main blogging computer has come down with a very nasty virus, and so I am currently writing on my tiny OLPC– usually fine for things like checking e-mail, etc., but not really meant to be a main computer. I have smoe photos and a couple of nice recipes to put up, but they’ll have to wait until E-Bob (my main man– er, machine) is back from have all of his memory wiped clean. Not a pretty sight.

Summer’s finally struck here… It’s nice to know the whole world isn’t absolutely crazy.The breezes are cool, but anything done in the sun has a very short duration. Monsoons should strike soon, then everything will be wet again.

My birthday’s on the 29th. I’m turning eighteen. It’s rather daunting to think about. If I get into trouble after that, it’s real-persons clink for me. No more wussy juvenile detention systems.

Pride in the Pines is on Saturday. I’ll try to get some good photos. I’m really looking forward to it. My first Pride festival! Should be fun.

Still trying to find a job. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I would like to get a job helping out at our local assisted living facility, or in a kitchen somewhere. Maybe I’m setting my goals too high?

The functioning of your kidneys in connection to your brain is controlled by chemical reponses travelling through your bloodstream. The fact that the human body works so precisely absolutely fascinates me. Why try to explore space? We should be diving into the convoluted pathways of the human body, instead.