Seeing as this has developed into more of a food blog than anything else, I’ve made the executive (and spur of the moment) decision to start doing restaurant reviews. I live in the tourist town of Flagstaff, Arizona, and the importance for anyone visiting here to avoid any of the really bad restaurants we have in town (of which there are many) and to find the real gems (a smaller, but still passable amount), is very large and entirely necessary for a true enjoyment of how much Flagstaff has to offer. Here is the first installment to my guide to avoiding indigestion and finding true culinary catharsis.


My older sister and I were downtown this morning for the 4th of July parade. After the parade ended, we found ourselves hungry, thirsty, tired, and (most importantly) wanting to continue to enjoy the music being played by an excellent jazz band on Heritage Square. The place that suited our needs (food, water, no wait, outdoor seating) happened to be the newly opened Cuvee 928 (

Advertised as a winebar, Cuvee 928 is also a bistro, serving both vegetarian and carnivorous entrees. The service was prompt and pleasant, and the food… tasted expensive, as my sister so accurately put it. It would have tasted better with wine, which was what the menu was intended for, and the prices were definitely prohibitive enough that they won’t be seeing much custom from the under 21 crowd in any case. But what’s the point of serving high class wine if the food isn’t equally spectacular? Stick with their appetizer plates to go with the wine (some of them looked fabulous), and eat a full meal somewhere else. Mountain Oasis is right across the street, and the food is just as good and half as costly.

from Cuvee 928
Genoa Salami Panini

The salad was fresh and well-dressed, the cous cous was tasty, but the panini was greasy. The olive oil in the olive-caper salad filling soaked through the bread, and was only enhanced by the heavy salami. If I had been at home, I think I would have scraped the olive-caper stuff off of the bread and onto the cous cous, and replaced it with the nice arugula salad they had on the side.

Overall (scores out of 5):

SERVICE: *****



FOOD: ***

Now, pardon me while I go deflate my ego. Restaurant reviews? Whose bright idea was that?


PS: HAPPY 4th OF JULY! The parade downtown was really fun, and the rain was kind enough to hold off until Kalie and I got back to the car. Yay!