Sorry I haven’t been submitting any recipes lately… I haven’t been cooking much, since Mom’s been home. Mostly I’ve been loafing around, enjoying being 18 and pretending to clean my room. (Actually, I’ve put a lot of work into it. I have to get it ready so my sisters can use it while I’m in college. Can I help it that I’m a horrible pack-rat?)

SO, to tide you over until I get around to cooking again, here are some places you can look for gastronomic stimulation:

A Picnicker’s Bible– not bad for everyday inspiration, either…

Mmmm, basil pesto… and I love this blog! It’s so fun.

Not food, but she makes me giggle. I think I love her.

Have a lovely Sunday! Mine should be relatively uneventful.


PS: Have you seen this movie?

Jane Austen Book Club movie

Major chick flick, but I love it anyway. Very touching, a definite Friday night stay-home-and-eat-popcorn movie.