We ate here both breakfast and dinner on Friday. The food was better than that at the Paradise Inn, and cheaper too. Sadly, still harshly limited gluten-free options.

SERVICE: A bit slow. I think they were rather severely understaffed, as the same fellow who was waiting tables at breakfast was still waiting at dinner. Nevertheless, a good staff who work well and are efficient.

ATMOSPHERE: More homey than the dining hall at Paradise. The dining room is small, with lots of windows, photos of the mountain from various angles, and small hanging chandeliers.

PRESENTATION: Unassuming and down to earth. Everything on the plate was there to be eaten, no ridiculous little prigs of parsley or twists of lemon rind.

FOOD: Actually, quite good. I had the pot roast served on mashed potatoes, and the roast was tender and moist (not overcooked, the failing of most pot roasts) and the gravy was rich and flavorful. But, like any Steven Spielberg movie, the lead was only second best when compared to the supporting actors. On the side of the roast was a pile of tender, lightly steamed young asparagus topped with a healthy dollop of the best hollandaise sauce I have ever tasted. It was made with high quality butter, and you could taste the fragrance of it with every bite. Quite a good meal.

I wouldn’t be so disenchanted with the dear NP Inn, if only the chef had been flexible enough to make a gluten-free entree for my mother and sister. As it was, they dined on spinach salad.