(The photo isn’t one I took– I couldn’t find any pictures of the outside of the restaurant, so even though I didn’t order the crab legs,  I’m settling with this.)

When we asked for a recommendation for a good place to get seafood in Olympia, we were directed to Oyster House.

SERVICE: A wee bit slow (which appears to be a pretty common complaint with this venue). I don’t know if it’s under staffing, or if it’s just a dearth of training that causes the problem.

ATMOSPHERE: A seafood sports bar with lots of large televisions hanging all around, displaying various expressions of testosterone, such as car racing, football, and sport fishing. I would love it if the windows were wider and the TV’s were limited to the bar area only. The view outside is lovely, and having a large bearded man mouthing enthusiastically about, apparently, fly fishing in Alaska is severely distracting.

PRESENTATION: Not much to talk about. Every meal comes with a large, freshly baked roll, and a dollop of herbaceous garlic butter.

FOOD: DELICIOUS! I had the linguini alfredo with tiger shrimp, and was delighted by the large amount of very coursely chopped garlic I found in the sauce. I would certainly go again. Next time, I’d like to try the fried halibut and chips…

GLUTEN FREE?: Depends on what you order. They are willing to help you along with making good menu choices for diet concerns. My mother and sister had the grilled fish, which was apparently quite good, if a little dry.