A sweet little hole-in-the-wall nook. Webpage is found here.

SERVICE: The whole shop is run by one person– they make the crepes, fill them, take your payment etc. Consequently, you’re given a nice little time to sit and enjoy the scenery, and to drink your GuS (Grown Up Soda) Ginger Ale.

ATMOSPHERE: Out of doors dining experience. Half of the little shop has a roof, the other half doesn’t. Walls? On two sides, provided by the building it’s backed against. The decoration is reminiscent of a little cafe in Paris– without the incessant cloud cover and gloomy looking street performers.

PRESENTATION: Your GIGANTIC crepe is handed to you on a classy black plastic plate, folded around itself and it’s contents. The appearance is one of quick elegance-meets Saturday afternoon picnic. (I kid, I kid….)

FOOD: The crepes are a little tough… Of course, I’m spoiled rotten with the tender gluten-free crepes we make in my family. I ordered the Crepes Genevieve, which was a simple crepe sprinkled with lemon juice and a tiny amount of sugar, folded and then drizzled with a lovely raspberry sauce and a flurry of powdered sugar. The failing I’ve found with most store-bought crepes is the fact that they are made so sweet you can’t even taste the ingredients. The crepes Genevieve was a breath of fresh air! the tartness of the raspberries and the lemon shone through the faint sweetness of the sugars like a beacon. I’d definitely order it again!

GLUTEN FREE?: I’m afraid not… Though I’ll post my recipe for gluten free crepes later, so you can enjoy them in your own home.