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Half-Baked posted this lovely recipe for onion tarts, as well as an interesting story about Julia Child.

I felt totally at peace after reading this post by Food+Flower+Style.

Columbus Foodie wrote this delectable sounding review for Alana’s Food and Wine in Columbus, Ohio. If I’m ever in Columbus and have an extra bundle to spare, I’ll definitely eat there!

Not really current news, but a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to BlogHungry for his engagement!

This week at Hedonia, Eatsdropper wants to know if the BLT has steak in it.

In non-foodie related news, Already Pretty is right on when she says that some helping is easy.

I hope you all have a great week!




PS: Have you ever seen Love My Life?

I adored it! If you want to see a really sweet Japanese girl’s love story, check it out! Some people dislike it because of one of the main character’s fatalistic approach to being accepted by society, but I find her negative attitude totally counteracted by the other main character’s positive one. This story doesn’t feel the need to explain itself, or to be any more than it is. And I think that’s just plain great.