Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are all very well, but have you ever tried to eat them? You’ll spend the rest of the week nursing your scratches and trying to pick leaves and hair out of your teeth.


Garlic salt! This is really my most essential kitchen item. Need to add favor to something? A few shakes of garlic salt and you’ve got it. (I actually usually use whatever brand is cheapest in the store– the McCormick picture was just convenient.)


Grown Up Soda! I mentioned it in my Creperie review, because the Creperie is the only place in town I know of to buy it. It’s absolutely perfect! Half the sugar of regular soda, all natural ingredients, and one bottle is a serving size. (Have you ever read the Nutrition Facts label on most name-brand colas? Each bottle is two to three servings!) Personally, I love the Ginger Ale flavor.


My mom got me a ceramic bladed Julienne for my birthday, and I love it! The blade stays sharp forever. Only problem is that, if you aren’t careful, you could Julienne your fingertips in the blink of an eye


My favorite chips of all time. I can buy them at the World Market, and it makes me happy. Only downside is that I can eat an entire bag in one sitting. Oops…


Love this movie! Such a great cooking story. I sort of identify with both of the main characters– Kate reminds me of myself in my need for control and my fear of human relationships. I really want to be like Nick, carefree and creative with all of his soul. I like to think some of him lurks somewhere deep inside of me.

Not  to mention the fact that Catherine Zeta-Jones is absolutely gorgeous. I love her dearly.