Last Sunday I posted my first One Week Blogging segment. Here’s another tasting-tray of my favorite posts this week.

(photo from a whisk and a spoon)

Everyone’s abuzz with this month’s Daring Baker challenge: chocolate eclaires! I may have to try them out– CakeSpy did, to gorgeous results.

dooce celebrated her six-year anniversary. Congratulations! I wish her many more years of giving her husband shit.

I hope I have as much fun as Sal from Already Pretty, as I tackle our county fair. It’s raining, with more in the forecast, so it may be a long shot, but I’ll do my best!

Columbus Foodie’s post makes me really regret missing our farmer’s market this morning. What gorgeous colors!

Coney Island looks too good to be true in this post from The Lil Bee.

And, last but not least, what’s summer without popsicles? It’s too cold for them up here in the mountains, but these Lemon Dream popsicles from Whipped look true to their name. Dreamy.




Hopefully I’ll have a county fair post for either tomorrow or the day after. I’m really excited! Have a great Labor Day, everyone.