Haven’t done a restaurant review in a while, and we just had lunch here so– there you go!

This restaurant is a real favorite with my family. Reliable and awesome gluten-free food, especially ethnic food, is really hard to come by– that’s why Dara Thai is such a gem!

SERVICE: This is probably one of the very few short-comings of Dara Thai: the service is lamentably slow. I can’t really make any excuses for them other than the fact that the food is definitely worth the wait.

ATMOSPHERE: Based in a renovated shopfront in the old-town part of Flagstaff, there really isn’t another restaurant quite like Dara Thai. From the kitschy mural on the back wall and the lace curtains, to the neon beer signs, the hand carved Thai sculptures, and the photos of the King and Queen of Thailand hanging by the bar, you know down to your bones that you’re in the right place for good (if a little Americanized) Thai food. It’s a place you can come as you are, from dinner before prom to lunch after a long hike.

PRESENTATION: You get rice. And your entree. Unless your entree is rice. The garnish consists of maybe crushed peanuts, maybe an orange slice, maybe cilantro. Four-star flourishes aren’t exactly the point here– it’s all going to the same place, anyway.

FOOD: Reliably tasty and very large portions for a very low price. I recommend going at lunch, when you get a complementary salad or soup, and the prices are about two dollars less. Dishes I suggest you try: EVERYTHING! Really, I haven’t tasted anything at Dara that was anything less than wonderful. If you’re gluten-free, avoid things with brown sauce. All of the curries are safe, and the Pad Thai is to die for. Be cautious when ordering the spice level– they go on a 1-5 scale. My sister gets a number five, but personally I can’t taste the food when It’s that spicy. Not to mention you’ll feel it majorly later…

Gluten Free?: Yes! See above for ordering assistance. Little Celiacs may frolic here!