Sorry no posts yesterday– my sister and my friends held a (sort of) surprise going-away party for me at our favorite sushi bar in town. What with the dinner and playing video games after, we didn’t get home until almost midnight. I’m a zombie right now, but a happy one!

Two reviews in one week? She must be low on topics for conversation! (Not really– I’m just low on topics for conversation that don’t involve my leaving for college next week.)

SERVICE: Excellent service. The waitstaff are always cheerful, prompt, and knowledgeable about the food. Refills on hot tea are frequent.

ATMOSPHERE: The walls are the color of green tea ice cream. If you can actually hear it over the sounds of people talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves, the sound system plays constant elevator music. It’s rather reminiscent of a dentists waiting room (minus the fish tank and the poster-sized photos of teeth)– not the excellent sushi bar that it is. Nevertheless, it isn’t uncomfortable. Just a bit stark.

PRESENTATION: The cups, bowls and plates are all of classic Japanese design– the sushi presentation is unassuming. At Hiro’s, the art of the food is it’s flavor.

FOOD: Hiro’s serves all of the classic favorite sushi rolls, as well as some truly wonderful original creations. The fish is fresh and delicate, the cuts are divine. Along with sushi they also offer many other classic Japanese dishes. I love the spider roll (deep-fried soft shell crab), the gyu don (marinated thinly sliced beef over rice), and the tempura udon (udon noodles in savory broth with deep-fried shrimp, bell pepper, onion, and yam).

Gluten Free?: Most of the sushi rolls are gluten-free; avoid anything with sauce, or that is deep fried (tempura). My sister’s favorites are the spicy salmon with asparagus and the spicy tuna rolls.