(Today’s post comes from this blogger’s personal slave companion and workgremlin, Mr. McAllistor Shrew.)

HeLlo alL,

MorGan tOLd mE To wRIte anD SaY tHaT ShE wiLl PoSt a sToRY and reCiPE toMoRRoW. ToDAy sHe diD a rEdicuLouSLy lARge aMounT of lAuNdrY AnD iS tOo TiREd tO wRIte mUcH. HoNeStLY, I tHInk sHE’s JuSt bEIng laZY, bUt NoBOdy liSTenS tO Me aRoUNd heRE aNyWAy. sHE SaYS I shoULdn’T COmPLaiN bEcAUse i HaVE a RoOf oVeR mY hEAd anD AlL tHE MiSsmATcheD soCKs I cAN EaT, bUt I kNOw WhEN i’M gETtinG rIpPEd oFf. bLOgGinG wASn’T iN mY COntRaCT, AnD I dOn’T gEt pAId oVErTIme.


~mCaLliStoR sHRew