(Photo from the Japanese classical garden in San Fransisco)

I’m all unpacked. Expect a REAL post sometime tomorrow or the day after. WOO.




Anyway, my mum emailed this to me. It suddenly seems very relevant to me…

{For those who are surviving, the Bookmark by Eline Hoekstra Dresden:}

“During my years of public speaking, I have been asked repeatedly, “how did you live through the Holocaust?”  I usually answer “I don’t really know”.  However, the following list provides examples of things that worked for me (along with luck).

Tools for Survival:

Be alert, not paranoid
Be optimistic, but realistic
Find strength in faith (whichever)
Recognize hidden danger
Do not EVER show weakness
Listen to “gut” feelings
Use humore daily
Draw on inner strength
Take care of your health
Stay productive
Don’t let your guard down
Face danger with courage
Share your fears with others
Do not ever give up hope
Before going to sleep, imagine better times
Keep these tools in good repair.”