(I have no photos currently! I’m sorry– I will try to take one and upload it tomorrow)

I’ve gone to a couple of pretty good restaurants in the week since I arrived here. The Green Onion, however, takes the cake. Or the falafel, as the case may be. Yummy Persian food!

SERVICE: The owners serve the tables ( I think this is the norm for most evenings). They are wonderful, open people, always willing to describe a dish to you or recommend a meal. The service is prompt and precise. A++!

ATMOSPHERE: The Green Onion is based inside a refurbished old house on the Portland State University campus. The dining room is small, but when you consider The Cave (the downstairs dining room and performance space), there really is quite a lot of room to eat. The decor is Persian, and the space is small and cozy.

PRESENTATION: I had the buffet, which I highly recommend. Other than that, plating is traditional and uncomplicated.

FOOD: I haven’t had much experience with any other Persian food before this restaurant, so I can’t really say how this adds up. What I can say is that the food is utterly delicious. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Gluten Free?: Yes! Just mention it to the server beforehand and he or she will point out everything on the menu you can eat.