My grandparents came up from Bend to Portland. They’re going to go see a concert, and invited me out to lunch to catch up beforehand.

As we were walking down the hall of my dorm, my grandmother spotted a political sign on one of the other doors. “Ooooh, Obama. You’d better not vote for him.”

“Grandma, I’ll vote for who I vote for.” (This is a point of contention in my family.)

“Well, if you vote for him we’ll be lead by Communists.”

Yes, my grandmother has decided that our dear Democratic candidate is a communist. I googled it and found out that it’s an opinion shared by half of the political crazies on the Internet. (Most of the other half think he’s a terrorist. Then there’s a small minority who would vote for Chuck Norris if he decided to run… Hell, some of them are voting for Chuck Norris even if he doesn’t run.)

Apparently, Senator Obama’s proposal to get rid of tax cuts on the wealthy equates to the Communist belief in redistribution of wealth. Under the same guise, couldn’t you also say that the current policy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is remeniscent of another system that dominated most of the world for a large period of history, the feudal system? Russia had a feudal system right up until there was that little uprising, and then what came to power… Oh yeah, Communism. Maybe you Photoshop extremists do have a reason to sweat. I mean what’s next? A required dress code of ugly, shapeless suits? Or how about–gasp–a national health care system?

Personally, I’m taking my chances and voting Democrat. Besides, I think those military-styled coats are quite snazzy.

Ah, the Motherland!