Motorcycle Jones

(Picture from last 4th of July)

I have:

A lovely headcold

I feel:

A little feverish

Sad about stuff in life

I want:

To take a long nap and drink some hot soup

I need:

To finish what I’ve started

I’m looking forward to:

Spending Thanksgiving at the Puget Sound, on Marrowstone island with my family

I love:

This post by Sean Timberlake, of Hedonia fame. Lobster rolls from scratch. Yum!

Here’s an awesome post from Black, Alligator. about eating tasty vegan food. (Gasp! It’s possible?)

Ancient post from Crummy Church Signs still makes me chuckle.

Umbrella  Today? makes my life so much easier.

Quote o’ the week:

“Those shoes look really comfortable. What are those, like, deer wool?”

~Overheard by Wearing a Sheep fur T-shirt, posted on Overheard in Minneapolis

(Sorry Meg, I wanted to give the other people a chance. But if you want to read about ingesting under-cooked pigeon, be sure to check out Meg’s Award-Winning Blog!)