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Max stop at 122nd

Shiny new knee-high black Converse

Polka-dot madness. Was a maxi-dress six sizes too big for me, cut down and tailored to be an asymmetrical mini-dress.

Embroidered tea book for my twin sister.

Some hand-made socks.




And that’s that.



I harbor deep-seated fears that, some dark night, a witch-doctor will sneak my discarded hair from the trash and use it to turn me into a voodoo-zombie-puppet a la Scooby Doo.

Noooooooo, Alton Brown what did they do to yoooooooou?!?!?!

((PS: I saw The Watchman. Very bloody. Very graphic. Very awkward to have four fourteen year old boys sitting right behind me. IT’S RATED “R” FOR A REASON, YA KNOW!))

At the start of summer term I’m moving ship from the shared dorm I have right now to a super tiny single in a different building on campus. I’ve been totally addicted to the awesome design communities of Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge recently, and consequently I’ve been planning out every last detail of how I’m going to use that little personal space.

The dorms are 14’x7′ (I said it was tiny!) and so space will be at a premium. I’m hoping to be able to fit in a little kitchen– mini fridge, toaster oven, two-burner hotplate– as well as a little folding table and chairs, a desk, a bed, some shelves…. How would this all fit? I drew a floor plan.

room floorplan

Crappy scan, sorry. Anyway the things fit, but just barely; the dimensions are sort of like a travel-trailer.

For a loft bed I found this listed on IKEA’s website:

It’s the TROMSO loft bed, and it is available with a desk fitted under it. The frame+desk= roughly $300, and a matress form IKEA is around $80

I also really liked the BOLLO folding table from IKEA

(Image at right) It’s dimensions are 23″x23″x28″, so it’s just about right.

For a color scheme I was really inspired by this post over on Apartment Therapy, talking about how well robin’s egg blue opens up a small space. I love the idea of pairing light blues with browns, reds and whites for this area! Inspirations:

This print from CrashingWave on Deviantart.

This coral print caneback chair from SouthernFlair on Etsy.

This vintage fabric from fleaParlor on Etsy.

And this warning sign from tippleandsnack on Etsy.

I also really love the Decor it Yourself section of the ThreadBanger website. Meg’s design ideas are so fresh and cute!

My Little Town

Don’t worry, the sharks didn’t get me. I’m still alive and kicking.

Or being kicked? College is tough, but I enjoy it– most of the time.

I’m building a website using Google’s “Sites” function.  I’ve got most of my recipes compiled over there if you want to check it out: The Fine Art of Being Me

Other than that, I’m currently addicted to these websites:


Apartment Therapy





So, that’s what’s up with me.

January Day

Walking home from picking up my groceries, I saw a golden retriever attempting to carry four or five large sticks in his mouth at once. He would meticulously stack them, manage to cram them in, walk a few steps, and drop one. Wash, rinse, repeat. (I know there’ s a metaphor in there, somewhere…)

Every Sunday, a group of East Indian 20-somethings get together on the college tennis courts to play pick-up games of cricket. They race around, score wickets, and generally have a good time. I don’t think I’ll ever understand cricket.

For the past week there has been a flattened and dehydrated pink condom lying in the gutter in front of my building. It was gone today.

Stephen Fry explains, in the most simple of terms, how to be as gorgeous as he is. If that is possible. Which it isn’t.

I find myself back here at my blog, in the wave of the realization that I haven’t posted here since the 15th of December.

I’ll try to have a recipe for you pretty soon…. And hopefully a restaurant review as well!

(At the “Repeal Prop 8” protest on the Park Blocks, Portland OR, 11/15/08)

[Gay Man to his partner, standing right behind me]: Oh God, they really need to bring “What Not to Wear” to these events.  Seriously, this is painful.

The post with the #1 most hits on my blog is still my one about the sharks. Remember that one?

So, in honor of this wierd occurance, I give you a new weekly phenomenon. Sharkless Sundays.

Can you not spot the shark in this photo?

No Sharks Waterfront

Good for you!