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Last Sunday my aunt was in town visiting, so my second cousin and I showed her around the city. We went all sorts of places– there was an awesome 24-hour music festival going on at Weidan+Kennedy, a large advertising firm here in town. We also schmoozed around in Cargo, a totally awesome import store down on 13th Ave. But my favorite thing, by far, was visiting the Chinese Classical Garden, which is just starting it’s spring blooms.

I’ve been in love with the Chinese Classical since the first time I came to Portland– in fact, it was one of the first places my mom took me and I immediately fell and fell hard. It takes up a bare city block, and yet I could spend the entire day in it, wandering through each separate area, enjoying the blooms and beautiful ponds. Last sunday was breath-taking, with the plums, the camelias, and all of the trees starting to leaf out.


The water bridge, through the branches of a tree whose name I can’t remember…

Trinity Pink

I’m passionately in love with fruit tree blossoms. They smell pretty, they look pretty, and they make tasty things appear like magic! Here are some of the ornamental plums from the “plum blossoms on cracked ice” side garden.

Wizened Ancient

In the same side garden are a lot of sweet penjing, Chinese bonsai trees. I love this old fellow with all of the plum petals around his roots.


DUCK! The only one there– he looked a bit lonely.