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I am currently:

Trying to figure out why there was a piece of garlic stuck to the bottom of my foot, and why I put it in my mouth.

I am anticipating:

Starting college in 30 days

The county fair this weekend

I dream of:

Not having this lousy cold anymore

The soundtrack to the No Reservations movie

I wish:

I could get a job in a nice restaurant

I love:

An awful lot of vintage kitchen and dining supplies, apparently.

These Melmac cups from DeadBirdFinds on Etsy are so hideous they’re cute.

This Dansk Enamelware pitcher from LadiesandGentlemen on Etsy Longs to be filled with cold lemonade or milk for cereal.

I’d love to store my baking goods in these adorable canisters from WhiteElephantVintage on Etsy

This creamer/sugarbowl set from MoxieThrift on Etsy makes me long for elegant brunches served on a balcony draped in flowers…

Words can’t really express how much I love this sweet Japanese cream/sugar set from JuJuToo on Etsy.

Quote of the Moment:

Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is.
P. J. O’Rourke